Some things I’ve learned, in point form.

Some things I’ve learned over the years:
  1. There are more than two types of people; actually, there are over 6 billion types.
  2. We don’t have to consult about everything; sometimes its better if someone just makes a decision.
  3. If you want to consult, be scientific about it!
    1. Consultation is required when we are seeking out the truth regarding an issue of importance. Truth is not vague; it’s clear and evident if all parties subject themselves to a scientific process. This process may be tedious and time consuming, but in the end truth will prevail.
  4. Be honest with yourself, with others, and with God. Truthfulness is the most important of all the heavenly virtues.
  5. Every individual deserves a chance, and you have no right to say otherwise.
  6. That guy you hate, well, he’s also having an internal struggle.
  7. Before you draw any conclusions make sure you’ve done your research.
  8. The government is not out to get you.
  9. Atheists have created a dogmatic interpretation of reality with arguments that are mostly irreconcilable. But I’ll take Atheism over fundamentalism any day.
  10. You don’t have to convert you know – don’t be angry because someone is excited about sharing their views.
  11. Religions have to teach their message to others; it’s the whole point.
  12. You don’t know God, so stop talking for him.
  13. Idleness is destructive, be purposeful.
  14. Just come out with it already, don’t stall.
  15. An emotional response is at times necessary to figuring things out, but sometimes it just interferes with objectivity.
  16. Tradition is evil if you can’t see past it.
  17. Relax; you don’t have to do it.
  18. We should not sell the following: education, religion, spirituality, God, love, relaxation, and happiness. It’s just plain wrong.
  19. We are a miniscule part of this universe, but we are significant. It’s okay to be impressed.
  20. Being unique is actually not that important – we should spend more time trying to be useful.
  21. In a sense, Nature could be regarded as superior to man because of its obedience to law. That’s why it’s so efficient.
  22. Competition is better than monopolization, but cooperation is better than competition.
  23. I’m not interested if you already know everything.
  24. We all have handicaps: some you can see, others you can’t.
  25. Common sense makes little sense.
  26. Dreadlocks and hemp ponchos don’t make you green.
  27. Virtues aren’t practiced, or acquired; they’re exposed through suffering.
  28. Pressing one button over and over again for 9 hours a day is not a good job.
  29. Just cause we’re all voting doesn’t make it a democracy.
  30. Imagine a world without marketing; would you buy it?
  31. Say “thank you” often.
  32. You want to see a Hollywood Armageddon take place, admit it.
  33. Remember that all businesses want you to buy their products. No smart business owner would put a label on their product that would dissuade you from making a purchase. That goes for organic products too.
  34. There is always room for improvement, so aim for perfection; however, don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work out. Capture the learning instead.
  35. Post-modern, neo-liberal democracies are oppressive systems that persecute the religious, and traditionalists communities. Except in this case, the oppressors are the shouts of the many who suppress the whispers of the few.
  36. Making lists is a great way to relieve inner tension.

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