Following the Trial – Check back for updates

Jan 13th 2010 – CBC reports

Jan 13th 2010 – BWNS captures world reaction

Jan 12th 2010LeaderPost “Regina family worried about relative imprisoned…”

Jan 12th 2010 – WashingtonTV captures Ebadi’s reaction

Jan 12th 2010 – Payvand Reports

Jan 12th 2010 – Beliefnet reports

Jan 12th 2010 – Washington Post reports

Jan 12th 2010IPW Iran, not Yaran on trial

Jan 12th 2010 BWNS First session ends in trial of Baha’i leaders in Iran

Jan 12th 2010 – CNN report

Jan 12th 2010 – EU expresses concern

Jan 12th 2010 – The Guardian reports

Jan 11th 2010 – U.S. State Department expresses concern

Jan 11th 2010 – Globe and Mail “The Canaries in Iran’s cages”

Jan 9th 2010 – BIC rejects allegations that arrested Baha’is had weapons in homes

Jan 8th 2010 – Canada voices concern

Jan 8th 2010 – Amnesty expresses concern

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