I come from a long line of W’s

So, my mom just did a DNA test through ancestry.com and today she got her results. Drum roll please…..she is a W. More precisely, my mother comes from a long proud line of women from Haplogroup W, going as far back as the Great W herself, Weave. Not sure what I should do with this new information. Perhaps I can go find some V’s and X’s and form a support group? Apparently we’re really common in Northern Iran and Northern Pakistan, and bunch of us flew the coup and migrated into Europe; specifically France. Yep. Well, I found one great use for my mtDNA code: a new password. This baby is super-long, no chance anyone could figure it out! If I do forget it, all I need is a cotton-swab and a Geneticist.

mtDNA Haplogroup W


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