The Talisman Family Goes Hiking

So we packed our back-packs, filled our canteens and water-bottles and headed down the eastern shore to hike and explore the notorious “Gibraltar Rock Loop trail.” At first, we were thinking about making this a social outing with some friends, but then we decided that taking two toddlers up a 2.6k vertical forest climb would be challenging enough. However, I’m proud to announce that the whole family made it, and our three-year-old walked all but .5k of the hike. GOOD JOB NAVVAB!!!


  1. That does look like a lot of fun. Our kids love to get outside and we have managed a few hikes.
    (Aheeeem, how come Mumma Talisman is doing all the carrying of baby-Talisman? Hmmmm?)

      1. Hee’re off the hook then. 😉
        In our house it’s usually Craig who carries the smallest one and I spend my time racing around after the others (it’s like two blobs of quick silver moving in opposite directions)…I don’t know who ends up with the best deal – but it sure is a lot of fun!

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