11th day of Riḍván Kids Party!

First of all, here is what Nolan and I looked like BEFORE the program this morning:

But we were energized after our morning fun! The program started with a simple breakfast of cheeses, home-cooked breads, organic fruit, nuts, and cucumber and tomato slices. Fragrant Persian tea from the Samovar and freshly brewed Just Us Coffee were available in quantities.

The tent was a hit, but the display piece that received the most attention from our goggling guests was Brooke’s magical diorama of Bahá’u’lláh’s tent in Najibiyyih garden:


Well, after the eating and goggling…we lost my camera, which means that the best part of the entire day will remain an oral tradition, i.e., a story for our children to tell our grandchildren, and so on, and so forth. The story goes like this: the children lined up at the door of the tent. One-by-one each child was ushered over to a wise village elder (my mom) who dripped a few drops of rose water on their hands, so that they could perfume themselves. Upon entering that most sacred spot (our living room tent), the children sat quietly (yeah…sure) until the adults had arranged themselves between them. Navváb started us off with “Refresh and Gladden my Spirit” (See example). The other children offered their prayers and the nightingales outside warbled their sweet melodies (we had an awesome nature CD playing). After prayers, the village sage (moi) told the story of Bahá’u’lláh’s banishment from Iran, His subsequent stay in Baghdad and the events surrounding his expulsion from that city. Then the local Shaman (Siyamak Sasani) inspired conversation among the young ones, and tested their memory of the Sage’s story.

Then we found the camera.

This is where Brooke pulls out her craft supplies and makes more magic. I think they were making stained glass windows with wax paper, crayon shavings, and dried flower pedals.

The following pictures are of our children during some of their more precious moments. My particular favorite is of Fuad guiding Adam through “Blessed is the Spot,” which means that Fuad has already completed the first practice component from Ruhi Book 1!

Are the Talisman’s ready for the tomorrow’s 12th day of Riḍván breakfast/devotions/hike? Tune in tomorrow night to find out!

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