The Talisman Family Prepares for Two Days of Crazy Joy!

To celebrate the last two days of Riḍván, the Talisman family has cooked up a treat for the lil’ ankle biters in our hood. Tomorrow the children (and some mighty brave youth) will gather in our home for a healthy breakfast and devotions. Now, there are two ingredients that guarantee a perfect Children’s Riḍván party/Breakfast/Devotional: A tent, and Mama Talisman’s home-cooked bread.

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So as you can see, our kids lost their minds when they realized we were setting up a Bedouin style tent in the middle of our living room. Oh the joys of being puny. Anywho, tomorrow should be fun. I’ll update you with a full report in the evening. Monday morning we’re doing the same thing, except that we’re celebrating the 12th day of Riḍván!!! And after the in-home activities we’ll be going on a hike. More to follow…


  1. Beautiful! We did something similar in terms of creating distinct, aural and tangible traditions around Ayyám-i-Há and Ridvan with music, decorations, posters, and a heaps of roses, a la the’ original Ridvan’ style, (and other flowers) in the home! Definitely doing the tent next year…

  2. Indoor tents and home baked bread sound a great way to celebrate. Enjoy yourselves and I look forward to hearing more. 🙂

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