5.6 trillion pork-chops unaccounted for every year…

That’s right folks. The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization recently reported that approximately 1.3 billion tons of food are lost or wasted each year. That’s a damn shame. Especially when, just 3 years ago, it was reported that the number of people suffering from hunger/starvation reached 1 billion.

Are you doing the math?

1.3billion tons of food/1 billion starving people = roughly, 7200 lbs of food per person, a year.

That’s 5.2 trillion pork chops/ 1 billion people = 3600 pork chops per person, a year.



I was almost sick to my stomach last night when, at a restaurant party, a friend asked me “who’s meal is that?” Apparently, the restaurant was catering to every seat regardless of whether a person was sitting there or not. At the end of our table were a number of plates of food – just sitting there, waiting to be thrown out after the party.  I blame myself.

With all the conveniences and privileges available to me in my over-producing industrialized bubble, I’ve become negligent of my social responsibilities. I’ve allowed myself to participate in destructive habits rather than becoming an agent of change. I’ve allowed myself to succumb to the voices of decadence who insist that my views on this matter are too extreme, and that I need to “calm down, and be happy.”

But how can I not be infuriated by the fact that 1 billion of my brothers and sisters around the world are dying from hunger, while I participate in social patterns of activity that allow 1.3 billion tons of food to be tossed-out every year? Doesn’t this piss you off!?

Doesn’t ‘Abdu’l-Baha say  “…regard humanity as a single individual, and one’s own self as a member of that corporeal form, and to know of a certainty that if pain or injury afflicts any member of that body, it must inevitably result in suffering for all the rest…” ?

Well, I no longer care about what the decadent apathetics have to say – I’m taking action. Below are a few sites that provide practical advice on how to reduce food waste:

Reduce Food Waste 1

Reduce Food Waste 2

Reduce Food Waste 3

Reduce Food Waste 4

I want you to join me in making an effort to put an end to food waste. Share your ideas by responding to this post, and please share this link with your friends on facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites.

I can do this by myself, but I rather us do it together.

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  1. I think being disconnected from the natural world means we take food for granted. Even by growing our own veges we come to appreciate the true value of what we eat. Our kids graze throughout the day and, as I’m aware of how much they have eaten I rarely serve out too much food for them to manage. This has cut down our waste a lot. Great post.

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