Commute Aboard Angst


There’s not a living soul on this commute. So it seems. Aimless bodies staggering about, perhaps some self-satisfied with titles and honours: meaning derived from a manufactured consent to partake in games and narratives, yet only laxatives that ease the passage of time as we tumble around the event horizon, stretched and warped, till that gradual descent into the abyss of a certain fate. Puppets hanging from the strings of historical happenstance, some deluded into the laughable suggestion that we’ve created our own meaning, rather dots along an aggregate curve of probabilities – the many like moths hovering around the irresistible flame of normality. True outliers, a rare existence, suffer in the forsaken darkness – a hallowed sanctuary to those who favour the inner mysteries of reality, who eschew the evanescent mirage of appearances. Now I must choose.


  1. It’s ironic that in this day and age, an outlier might be someone who feels love for all the people on the bus and is thinking about how to create spaces for sharing, learning and oneness. But is anyone a true outlier in all ways? Is an outlier a state of mind or a reality? I may feel I am an outlier, according to my perception, but I may not be one at all. Human beings are so complex, have so many facets, that we simultaneously inhabit many points on the one spectrum – being an outlier in this area and very much in the middle in another. An outlier today perhaps, but as we age and/or change, we feel part of humanity, one of the many waves which rise out of the Sea. Sometimes, we are blind or unaware of how much we are really alike. And, even if we are one of those statistical anomalies which make us truly an outlier, we are still talking about a human spectrum. The same as others, just a little more or less. I breathe heavily and rapidly, she slowly and lightly. But we still all breathe. There is so much more which binds us together than separates us. Fruits of one tree. Unity in Diversity.

  2. Most hearts are eager to be led to unity. The ability to create trust and understanding are highly effective. I have never seen a national crisis anywhere in the world where the primary and fervent appeal by the leaders isn’t for unity. The need for it and it’s power as a solution is well recognized. But it takes a real chastening for most people (and countries) to change. And they do — American civil war, WW2 and the EU are good examples. The evolution of unity is not always a projection, but an objective fact, although setbacks are part of the growth process. Even at the personal and family level, look at the massive increase in interracial friendships and marriage in recent years, at least in North America. Certainly, other counties have seen increased tensions among national, ethnic and religious groups, eg Syria, US/Russia and BREXIT. None of us know the future for sure but I choose to believe that justice, unity and peace are not only possible but are what people want, and what an interdependent world requires in the long term. Idealism and realism are not at all at odds.

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