Ferdos Embraces the Bigot

As the bigot spewed his ignorant hatred — monosyllabic slices firing in rapid succession — his patient interlocutor, Ferdos, contemplated the genesis of differentiation. 

He dissociated from the violent present, and extended his mind towards the totality of being.

The great chain of contingency, he had heard, extends from the unseen realm of the Primal Will, a uniform ribbon of interwoven segments linked together like a magnificent tapestry of infinite dimensions, thread upon thread, each fibre indistinguishable from the next. 

It rolls and unravels across the ubiquitous realm of immediacy, while the nodes of potentiation vibrate, creating a hum of anticipation – twirling, coalescing, sinking into a descending funnel wrapped between time, around time, mass folding upon mass, delving into itself and then compacting into spheres and discs and clouds.

A vast emptiness, a dark swath of silence where the echoes of creation fail to permeate, while ripples skip across its essential tapestry, waves and convulsions, the entirety all being a throbbing mass of disordered chaos giving birth to instances of order and serenity.

In all its interactions it seemed but one, a singularity, in the eyes of Ferdos. No beginning, no end, only the aspirations of the infinite stretched ad infinitum.

Yet, the bigot continued to confidently roar his diatribes established on a bed of certainty pertaining to such-and-such distinctions and clear-cut differences between this right and that wrong: Moralisms seemingly etched into stone, yet in clear violation of themselves, contradictions upon contradictions – still he continued.

Realizing the futility of his immediate circumstance, Ferdos wandered back into his introspection.

Grains of energy emerged and spun along great chains interlinked by a deep intimacy, swarms surfing the microcosmic waves, condensing into beads of particularity then meeting and mating, combining to form clumps of matter that smash, strike, and excite in proximity, igniting new forms and functions – cells, tissues, organs, organisms, living, breathing, consuming, reproducing, decaying, dying, reposing, decomposing, and diffusing both substance and essence into the totality from which nothing was ever really removed.

The oneness of all things continued to assert its supremacy over the bigot’s desperate desire to segregate and separate oneness into multiplicity, and here Ferdos discovered the genesis of differentiation. 

“You!” Ferdos interjected as if declaring a sudden revelation. 

“I’m sorry?” The bigot asked quite appropriately. 

“You, my dear bigot, you are the God of differentiation, the primal progenitor of multiplicity.”

At that moment, Ferdos realized how quite pathetic and insignificant the bigot seemed and he beheld him there, apparently self-contained, but at the same time indistinguishable from the fabric of totality within which he was submerged, from which he was born, and to which he would return.

Ferdos embraced the bigot and loved him genuinely because they were, after all, of one essence and substance. All imaginings of separateness withered and the presence of a transcendent unity stripped the two entities of selfhood – they were finally reabsorbed into the primal One.

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