The Bell, the Crier, the Kid.

Photo of Erhan, Shepherd from Kayaköy, c/o Husayn Eblaghi

The photo above was taken by my brother. If you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow him @ husayn_eblaghi. He’s currently documenting his travels in Turkey. Today, I had the rare pleasure of collaborating with him, a poem for a picture.

The bell, the crier, a kid was born, the ewe she lay there prone.
I looked into the shepherd’s eyes, with love he bade me home.
Beside that rugged road we laughed and spoke of simple things.
A breeze that stirred my soul awake, a hope for future springs.
I wish the grasses knew my heart, could breathe the thanks I give.
I wish the trees would fall to keep me here for long to live.
If only I could stay awhile, alas I must be torn –
The bell, the crier, the shepherd’s eyes, the kid just newly born.

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