When this Ends, My Friend

Dear Friend, 

I recall with fondness our childhood adventures. Protected by innocence we played, undaunted. I remember our battles. Oh how intensely we battled! Yet, the yearning for friendship was too great to be crushed by trivial things, so quickly we’d bounce back to affection. Our bond would be deepened. 

Damn this war. 

Can you believe it, I saw you last night during the skirmish at Twitterton. I abandoned my post for a moment, and crept on your position. My line of sight was perfect, but all I wanted was a chance to see you dolled-up in those dark fatigues. Looking sharp my friend!

Despite the mayhem, I couldn’t help but smile to myself while observing you in battle. Still slapping the trigger, I see. Well, it doesn’t seem to be affecting your performance. They’re lucky to have you on their side. 

I know you’re beholden to your tribe, though I cannot see the sense in it. In principle, I suppose, we agree: life, liberty, and an unhindered pursuit of the Good Life. I’m with you there, brother. The devil is, as they say, in the details – and the devil has maneuvered himself between us.

Though I cannot call you my comrade today, I will seek you out on the field to give you quarter in the hopes that we shall both survive this madness.

For my part, our bond is eternal and our sweet reunion, inevitable.

With heartfelt love, 



  1. I’ve just recently been following you as a mutual friend put me on your trail. You write beautifully and though we are on opposite sides of this skirmish, I think we are on the same side of humanity. I appreciated your measured and respectful tone. I hope we all can get past this in time but I have my doubts. Too much vitriol has been spewed, causing deep wounds…
    Peace to you…

    1. Alex, thank you so much for this. I needed to hear something kind from someone who didn’t agree with me. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the temperature, if you will. These sorts of comments are always welcomed. Wishing you all the best.

  2. Dearest love emad
    I know our bond will never die I will love you for eternity as I know you love me through all the worlds of God. I was still surprised to see you wrote this about me after our time apart. I guess our yearnings are shared

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