That’s What Happens in a Tolerant Society

The only people who should be surprised by the chaos kicking off the 21st century -- the surge in religious fanaticism, right-wing nationalism, and populism -- are those who mistakenly conflated relative peace with an emerging unity. But the root causes of intolerance were never addressed, so why are we surprised? Let's not be naive. What's … Continue reading That’s What Happens in a Tolerant Society

Thoughts on Parenting and Autonomy

Despite the calm, collected, and polished image of family life that I flaunt in my digital persona, I can assure you that our reality is entirely ordinary. We are a family: a yelling, fighting, struggling, crying, laughing, failing, winning, striving, totally-unsure-of-what-to-do-next kind of family. Now that you know how ordinary we are, I want to … Continue reading Thoughts on Parenting and Autonomy