Thoughts on Parenting and Autonomy

Despite the calm, collected, and polished image of family life that I flaunt in my digital persona, I can assure you that our reality is entirely ordinary. We are a family: a yelling, fighting, struggling, crying, laughing, failing, winning, striving, totally-unsure-of-what-to-do-next kind of family. Now that you know how ordinary we are, I want to … Continue reading Thoughts on Parenting and Autonomy

Never as dark

In the absence of presence and in the silence of darkness, a mind wanders and lingers on failures it fixates on entangled versions of this thought and that one, the wrong one the right one, ensnared by perception, but never contented; serenity slips through damp fingers made wet from the downpour of a cloud swelling, ruptured … Continue reading Never as dark